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“If you leave the house hungry, it’s your fault!” This is the motto that I grew up with in my family. We thrived on throwing huge parties–feeding hundreds of people at a time. It was one of the highlights of my childhood. The best part – ALWAYS – was the amazing food that my dad would prepare. Though he’s never been to culinary school, somehow he just intuitively knows exactly what to do when it comes to food. I watched him growing up, expanding his collection of kitchen gadgets and trying out new concoctions and recipes on us – of course he never actually used a single recipe, he would just make it up on the fly. It was from my family’s motto and through him that I reached the decision to start baking and eventually ended up in culinary school.

I’ve now worked for a multitude of bakeries, and through all of them I have learned bits and pieces about the business, baking, and most importantly… myself. Working for these bakeries has enabled me to realize and remember what I have always said I would do. Own my own business!  So I got up from my last job, put in my two-week’s notice, and started my own business! Starting your own business sounds terribly exciting – and it is! But let me tell you… there was WAY more involved than I ever imagined that there could be, and while it is exciting, it is also terrifying! But totally worth it.

I am so happy that I now have my own business, getting to do what I love most. Creating new and interesting desserts, and making people happy in the process! I love people, and getting to see people’s reactions to their uniquely designed dessert just for them brings me so much joy! That is the only reason I do it. I’ve been blessed with a gift of turning random ingredients into art, and I’m so thankful I get to share that with others.

Now if you plan to follow my blog, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. I love to learn! This blog will have a little bit of everything! Events in which I partake, random thoughts about new trends in the industry, but mostly, a lot of learning about everything food and beverage you can imagine! Prior to culinary school I got my Bachelor’s in history, so I love to research and read and learn and anything and everything! So that’s what I aspire to do with this blog. I want to learn about all the ins and outs of how different foods got their names, how classic desserts became classic, how one might brew beer in their garage… all of it. It sounds fascinating to me!

So I implore you to take a chance with me, and learn all the weird and quirky things that go on in the kitchen, where they came from, along with the whys and hows of anything I can get my hands on. Please join me on this adventure and gain a little more knowledge about food to share at your next party. And remember… If you leave my blog feeling hungry, then I’ve done my job!