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1077686_4868572403844_1788733364_oPastry Chef and Owner of Melody’s Bakery, Melody Plastow, grew up listening to two phrases for her entire life. One being, “If you leave the house hungry, it’s your fault!” and the other, “Everyone deserves a cake on their birthday!” It’s no wonder that she’s dived into the career of pastries and desserts with that background!

“My whole life I’ve been baking. For a majority of my childhood, it was from simple cake mixes and family cookie recipes, but even when I was around 10 years old I created my very first cookie recipe. When junior year of high school came around and I was sick for 2 months, stuck at home, the only thing I could do to beat my boredom was begin to bake. So with my very first, from scratch, homemade cinnamon rolls, my passion for baking was instilled. Since that first batch of cinnamon rolls to the cake creations, cookie concoctions, and pastry designs that I now do, I have always been in love with baking.” – Melody

Melody’s passion for desserts began long ago, but it was in the last few years that desserts really started to become her career. Already having her Bachelor’s Degree in History, she went to pastry school and received her Diploma in Baking and Pastry to learn more of her craft. Since then, with eyes set in determination to turn ideas and wild possibilities of desserts into beautiful, artistic creations that taste great, she founded Melody’s Bakery. From her family recipes, to her tried and true chocolate chip cookies and famous cinnamon rolls, word of Melody’s desserts spread.

One of her favorite things to do is make up new recipes, accommodating each request, so don’t be afraid if you are dreaming of something you’ve never seen before! She is excited to take your concept and turn it into reality!  With every cake, cookie, or pastry she makes, her true joy in baking comes not just from creating new recipes for each guest, but seeing the smile on each new face as they take a bite of her desserts. She is excited to meet you and design the perfect dessert just for you! :)